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Going into Decline

A Man and His Boredom

"Without black velvet breeches, what is man?" ~ James Bramston, "The Man of Taste"
12th century renaissance, 19th century occult revival, aelred of rievaulx, alcohol, anglo-norman, anglo-norman history, apocalypse, art nouveau, bacchanals, bartending, beau brummell, bede, beer, bespoke clothing, bi for bowie, billie holiday, birdland, blue note, bohemians, bookshelves, bordeaux, brewing, brie, british music, british rock, cats, cheese, chevre, chocolate, cistercian theology, clement of alexandria, clifford brown, coffee, concertinas, cool britania, cravats, curator, dandyism, dave brubeck, dionysian pleasures, duke ellington, exegesis, exorcising, fashion, favourbrook, film noir, first crusade, french, french food, french new wave, general apathy, good clothes, greenwich, guy de maupassant, history of theology, jazz, jermyn street, john coltrane, la traviata, latin, london, louis armstrong, lovecraft, making out, max roach, media, medieval exegesis, medieval historiography, medieval history, medieval intellectual history, medieval latin, medievalism, mens fashion, miles davis, miskatonic university, molecular mixology, monasticism, museology, museum studies, neo-noir, neo-romanticism, nina simone, occult history, opera, origen, oscar wilde, paleography, paris, passions of thomas becket, patristics, paul desmond, paul smith, philo of alexandria, premier league, pronunciation of cicero, relic theft, restaurant history, sarah vaughn, saville row, sonny rollins, squirrels, st ambrose: hitman, suits, suspenders/braces, tegan and sara, teitur, the dears, turn tables, vynil, waistcoats, well made shirts, wine